Compassionate Comfort

Hospice Care for Your Loved One


Our care is about choosing to embrace the time that remains. It’s about deciding to live more fully. It’s about improving the quality of life by attaining comfort, peace and dignity. When a cure is no longer feasible, your loved one is seeking relief from aggressive treatment or frequent emergency room visits; our care focuses on enhancing their ability to live better through the months that remain.

We focus on easing pain, controlling symptoms and reducing the burdens and stress of illness so you and your loved ones can focus on living. We ensure your loved one receives the individualized care that is right for their unique situation.

We bring real support – whether it’s help from our nurses to ease symptoms, help from our CNAs and volunteers to share caregiving responsibilities, or help from our chaplains and social workers so fear and anxiety can be replaced with strength, peace and finally acceptance.

Comforting Assistance

Serious illness affects more than physical wellbeing. It affects more than the one who is living with the illness. Illness touches every life connected. And it touches our hearts, minds, and spirit.

That’s why our care extends beyond expert medical care, to care also for the emotional side of illness by bringing relief for the stress and burden of illness.

We made it our pledge that those in our care would not face this difficult journey alone. So our counselors, chaplains and caregivers bring comfort to help reduce stress, fear, guilt and anxiety. We help you move forward through the emotional burden of serious illness so you can spend time fully focused on what is most important – capturing the months that remain with your loved one.

Family Support

Caring for a loved one with a serious illness may feel like a role you’re willing to accept, but it is never easy. Even on your best day you can feel overwhelmed.

That’s not what we want you to feel. We want you to spend this precious time not in the role of overwhelmed caregiver but to recapture the wife, daughter, sister, husband, brother or son you were before your loved one’s illness.

We bring an extra layer of support and share in the responsibilities of caregiving so you don’t have to shoulder this role alone. Think about having an entire support team: aides that help with personal care and hygiene; nurses who visit regularly to check on your loved one, help you understand and manage medications and teach the family how to manage care between visits; friendly volunteers who provide companionship and keep your loved one company while you run errands. That’s the extra layer of support we bring.

We’ll also empower you with education and resources so you understand the disease and know what to expect and how to navigate forward.

Pain Management

Perhaps the most important service our team can offer to those transitioning in their final days is comfort. Our skilled experts can minimize any discomfort your loved one may be experiencing, while offering reassuring emotional support to the patient and their family.


HomeCare of Mid Missouri provides the compassionate care and support your family needs to cope with the symptoms, pain and stresses of serious illnesses like COPD, CHF, Cancer, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, HIV or end stage Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

To find the right care for your family’s specific needs, reach out to us today. We can help determine the best care for you and your loved one and ensure you receive all the information you need in our “one-call” approach. When it’s time to focus on quality of life, we’re here.