A Step in the Right Direction – Fall Prevention Program

I’m sure you have seen it before a friend or family member in relatively good shape and healthy has a fall and ends up in the hospital. When we were younger you popped right up. I used to marvel at my children’s ability to “bounce” after a fall but as we age a fall can have serious health side effects. So the best thing to do is to avoid falling and no I am not suggesting you sit on your couch and become a couch potato! It’s time to start moving to avoid falls.

A year ago we launched a new program called STEPS based on the latest research on fall prevention. This program includes a series of exercises designed to strengthen your muscles and especially your core muscles with a reasonable amount of walking. By strengthening your muscles you are decreasing your risk of not only falling but injury during a fall. So far from being a couch potato I am encouraging all of you to take the step towards better health. Developed by Dan Walters, PT at HomeCare of Mid Missouri, this program is personalized for each patient. Specific goals are determined by you and your physical therapist. Life is not a race but a journey by making lifestyle changes our goal is to keep you safe in your home. Just adding in walking and strength training to your daily routine studies have shown an increase in mobility and a decrease in falls ensuring you are able to stay in your current home longer.

Before starting an exercise regimen you should always check with  your doctor.  Then consider a falls evaluation from HomeCare of Mid Missouri.  Our physical therapists can assess your risk of falls and if you would be a good match for the STEPs program.

 This evaluation could get you on the path to a happier and healthier life. We would love to help you on this journey.

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